Denim is a Way of Life


A pair of jeans? Definitely a must! Astonishingly incredible! In my opinion they are comfortable and look fine with whatever type of look you want to have; sporty, posh, elegant or classic. It is possible to invent with jeans because it depends on the shoes and the shirt you wear them with.

Jeans are sophisticated and sporty. Depending on the shape, the texture and the decorations they have they can be very different and can amply adapt to specific styles.

I bought these jeans in Rome, Italy where i live.

I got them approximately 6 months ago.

I needed a pair of trousers and went in a shop and found these wonderful pair of jeans. As soon as I tried them I got the immediate sense they were what I was looking for. I went there with a friend and we both bought them. They looked very good on me and I was sure I could have worn them with whatever I wanted and feel fantastic.

“I want to die with my blue jeans on.” Andy Warhol.


Sweet Style


I like to go shopping every now and then. Ok, in reality I love to do it constantly as soon as I can! As always, I try to get the most feminine type of outfits in order to make my shapes more enhanced. Whenever I see a tight dress or something which I know is sexy I go on and try it. Most of the times it looks great, modestly!

So, I went shopping and found this sophisticated attire. I saw it already on other girls. However, it was not exactly like this one but tight and long the same. I was not extremely enthusiastic about the color, I would have preferred it maybe black or white but you know, it is notable the same! What I especially like about this robe is the rip, so hot!

I bought it in Rome, Italy at H&M. I personally think that this shop is impressive! It has so many things that do not cost too much so one can use his/her own imagination when deciding what to buy and wear. It has clothes for all sorts of tastes, bodies and ages.

I went shopping in June and bought this dress together with other things.

I needed to buy new clothing in order to go out and show off! Hahaha! Well, let us just say to go out and have fun with my wonderful friends and to be spicy for me and for them!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe.

Me, Happiness and The Sun

I am a girl who likes to dress feminine and make my body look more interesting thanks to a well-thought-out dress. I think that a good outfit can make your day better and your life more sophisticated, other than more interesting. No matter what, I think that caribbean decorations are the best, especially in summer periods. I have an obsession with tropical quirks – palm trees and pineapples.

In these pictures I am wearing a Calzedonia bathing suit. It is a bikini and I like the fact that it does not have epaulettes. It makes it sexier and more girlish.

The location of the photos is Sicily, Italy. What can I say about this place? It is worth visiting. From the food to the night life it is a very appealing and lively place. It offers a lot of cultural sorroundings.

These images were taken during the beginning of September. In fact, in Sicily one can go to the seaside up to October if not November. Since it is close to Africa it has a lot of its privileges.

I woke up that morning, looked outside my terrace and noticed the wonderful sun. The air was hot and there was practically no wind. In a matter of seconds I decided to put on my wonderful and seductive bikini!

Thanks to calzedonia life as we know it got a whole lot brighter.

Calzedonia Summer

14199352_10210378425717890_8619545254095041275_nWhat best than a Calzedonia bikini? I do not think there is a lot. Actually, I think better than this anything! I have always loved Calzedonia as a brand since I was a teenager. I think it’s  bathing suits are sexy and comfortable too.

I bought this bikini last summer but wore it not more than twice. What I like about it is that it has fringes on the top part and the bottom which makes it more savage and seductive.

I took this photo in Rome, Italy in a bright summer afternoon.

Late august was the perfect moment.

Me and my friend decided to go out to the seaside together for a long day only made of us and the sun. We talked about so many things I can not remember of and ate at a fish restaurant nearby. Do you believe me if I tell you that it was one of the most relaxing and pleasant days of my life? Well, it is true. Friendship is what everyone should have!

Beach life.

H&M Knows How

g.jpgI bought this dress at H&M in Rome, Italy.

It was August when I went shopping with some friends and noticed this colorful dress in the shop.

I immediately got one to try it and I saw the image of my summer: me and the dress!

I really think it looks good to go and have a walk around or even for an evening appetizer.

“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.”

Rome Alta Moda, a Rich Fashion Experience

Rome Alta Moda

Rome Alta Moda

Settled in 1998, the Rome fashion week hosts two annual collections, in July and January, and is administered by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the boss of Italian fashion house Fendi which lately declared that it would fund the €2.5m renewal of Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

Alta Moda is Rome’s acclaimed fashion week, whose two annual meetings in January and July, forge infinite chances for the confrontation between historic Italian fashion houses and new, international ingenious and production realities.

A distinctive trait of Roman couture is that it re-engineers contemporary style, interpreting it through garments and embellishments which, together with the city, make the Roma Alta Moda event a perfect stage for the present.

The Roma Alta Moda showcases the best in Italian and international fashion and is an important platform for younger stylists.

Reese Witherspoon in LA


Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon is an American actress and producer.

She made her film debut as the female lead character in the film The Man in the Moon in 1991.

She was at the Hot Pursuit Los Angeles Film Premiere, Chinese Theatre, Hollywood on April 30 2015.

Hot Pursuit is an upcoming American action comedy film directed by Anne Fletcher and written by David Feeney and John Quaintance. The film stars Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara.

Reese Witherspoon attends the Hot Pursuit premiere in a Prabal Gurung black and white strapless dress with fringe embellishment form the Pre-Fall 2015 collection paired with Chritian Laboutin heels.

“It’s funny that it all becomes about clothes. It’s bizarre. You work your but off and then you win an award and it’s all about your dress. You can’t get away from it.” Reese Witherspoon.

Bellissima – Italy’s High Fashion 1945-1968


I went to a very interesting fashion exhibition. I am a fashion blogger, therefore I appreciate in a particular way these kind of shows.

The exposition was about Italy’s high fashion of 1945-1968. In particular, “Bellissima” is a 1951 film directed by Luchino Visconti in which Anna Magnani starred in one of her most instense roles: she played the part of a mother who would stop at nothing to get her daughter to act in a movie made in Cinecittà. But “bellissima” is also a word that indicates female beauty around the world. It is the Italian way of life: a spectacular kaleidoscope of soft, relaxed, disorganized atmospheres, of sex and dolce far niente.

The exhibit was held in Rome, the capital of Italy. In specific it was taken at the MAXXI, the National Museum of the Arts of the XXI century.

The representation will be up till May 2015. I went there last week-end.

“Going to a show like this and having the opportunity to see experienced and gifted fashion designers display their work of art is something appealing. To see a dress made by Valentino for example is like seeing a piece. Exactly like a sculptor creates a statue, the stylist produces a dress.” Alessio Palma, Interior Designer.

Butterflies and Shopping


Here they are: sales! Obviously, I bought new clothes in this period especially for this reason. I chose classy and refined dresses; two blouses, one pink which I wore at a night-out with a very handsome guy, and the other one has some butterflies on it, kind of hippie-bohemian style.

I went shopping at Zara at Via del Corso, at the centre of Rome, Italy.

I went there one month ago on a Saturday afternoon.

Of course, I bought new clothes for the sales because they are cheaper now and I bought them to wear during spring. It was a great way to save money while buying great apparel.

I went working at my Dad’s office, therefore, I managed to get some money and happily spent a little bit of them on new attire.

Together with the blouse I bought a full length skirt in a cotton military green colour. I think I will wear them during spring. I am in love with hippie and bohemian style. They are a lifestyle other than a dress code. In particular, Bohemian refers to “gypsies”, “Bohemian” may also designate “a socially atypical person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” This is why I am in love with this style. Do you know the film Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman? Right, bohemian is the male protagonist. Very cool.

However, I am happy I bought these clothes and I can’t wait to go shopping again to buy something new, maybe at Tezenis, or some stockings at Goldenpoint or at Calzedonia. I do not know why but in this period I think that a skirt with stockings and boots is an excellent choice to go out with. I should buy something to go to the gym too and when it will happen I will post it on my blog so that all of you can comment on the choice and maybe buy something similar.

Sales are a great way to get new clothes without spending too much on them. Wow, sales are amazing!

Ariana Grande at the MTV Video Music Awards


Ariana Grande is an American recording artist and actress.

She walked the red carpet with a bustier and matching skirt from the Moschino Resort 2015 Collection and a pair of Tom Ford Nappa Stretch Leather Metal Stilleto Over-The-Knee Boots, worth $2,950.00. Furthermore, Borgioni 18k Black Rhodium Gold, Black Diamond Fleur D’Lis Stud Earrings.

The great MTV Video Music Awards. The only place where you can see stars dressed in the most absurd ways. It is the place in which Lady Gaga wore a meat dress and Britney Spears a snake around her neck.

The Awards were held in Los Angeles, California August 24, 2014.

Ariana opened the MTV Video Music Awards with her song “Break Free”.

“The best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna look your best cause when you feel your best, everybody else will feel it, too.” Ariana Grande.