Snowy Afternoon

I went out with some wonderful friends.

In these pictures I am wearing Tiger boots, black H&M leggings, a black Intimissimi shirt and a Hot Sexy Street by CLCI grey jumper.

We were in Turin at a friend’s house.

It was last weekend.

It was a very cold day, in fact is snowed! I brought myself clothes to stay warm because I knew it was going to be very cold there. However, it was colder than I thought. In fact, I only use my Tiger boots when it is really freezing outside.

I managed to bring all my clothes in a pretty small suitcase.

“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud”


Outfit Style !

Going out with best friends is always something magical.

In these pictures I am wearing an H&M black skirt, black tights, an Initimissimi red shirt and a Melville black jacket.

We went out to have dinner in a very nice place. It is where you can eat maxi burgers with chips. We had fun.

We went there a few days ago.

Initially, we were in the situation of not knowing where to go and eat. Neither of us were convinced of the place. We did not know whether we preferred sushi or something else. However, since the place was quite near we opted for the burger.

We got there walking. I was not sure I wanted to wear that black jacket. However, I wanted to put on something nice over the red shirt. I think it worked. What would you have worn instead? Curious of your ideas!

You Can

I had a pleasant day out with wonderful friends.

In these pictures I am wearing Miss Sixty jeans, Intimissimi black shirt, H&M pink sweater, and black Tiger boots.

We went to Turin, in fact you can notice it by the snow. An art museum was our destination. Very beautiful and inspiring.

It was last weekend.

We wanted to do something different. What better than a museum? Sometimes it is the best place ever.

We went to Turin by train from Rome.

“Seek what sets your soul on fire” always and wear pink!

Kimono She Did!

I went out with some really wonderful friends.

In these photos I am wearing an H&M Kimono, a black dress, H&M tights, black Prima Donna ankle boots, a Prima Donna purse with flowers drawn over it and Alessio Palma design ring.

Interior Design: Alessio Palma Design

We went out to eat dinner in a place I extremely love for the way they make pizza and dessert. I don’t know if I ever told you girls how much I love pizza, especially the 4 cheese one! Haha! The dessert they do here is something incredible: they do the Italian calzone with Nutella and ricotta. Miam miam!

Ourselves went there this weekend.

We went out for dinner because we wanted to talk and have a pleasant night out together. Obviously, as a good Italian, I proposed pizza!

I was not sure how to put the kimono. Do you girls like it more tied up like a real kimono or do you like it loosen up like I put it? I would love to hear your opinion so that I will know how to wear it next time. Thank youuu

My Way of Beginning the New Year Sparklingly

I found something really interesting to wear on a fantastic night and went out with some important people in my life.

In these pictures I am wearing a The Blonde Salad for Yamamay top, Yamamay silver leggings, black Prima Donna boots, a Pandora Disney bracelet and an H&M necklace.

We went to have dinner in a wonderful place near the seaside.

It was Saint Silverster night, December 31st.

I was unsure about how to dress. I knew I wanted to wear something incredibly beautiful, but what? I was thinking about a golden dress I saw in a store, but then I thought about Chiara Ferragni. You know the very famous Italian fashion blogger? She designed some tops for Yamamay. They are something really special.

In reality to put the top you need the help of a friend or someone because it is quite tight and the buttons are the ones typical of a corset.

“This is your year to sparkle.” Bonne Année.

An Afternoon at the Academy of Costume and Fashion

When you meet people from your university it is something fantastic. In fact, even if I graduated some time ago I had the pleasure to meet the president of the Academy of Costume and Fashion, who is an alumni at my university, and went with my brother and other graduates to the event.

There was the inauguration of the new academic year 2017/18 of the Academy of Costume and Fashion dedicating the night to Cinema and Theatre.

The occurrence took place at the Academy of fashion and costume in Rome, Italy.

It was in December.

The event at the Academy took place by the will to talk about Italian and Roman excellence in craftsmanship who work for international cinema, theatre, the opera ballet and that must be known to the new generation, educated from the Academy.

Me and some group of friends went there because I was invited by the president of the Academy since he graduated from my same university. Such a great experience to go there and see this wonderful world of art and fashion. Wow.

“There are no rules to break in fashion “ – Emily & Meritt.

So I Put on My Coat

I went out with a group of girlfriends in a wonderful and very cold day.

In these pictures I am wearing a black leather H&M mini skirt, H&M 100den stockings, black Onitsuka Tiger boots, a red Intimissimi shirt, a Canadian jacket, a Pimkie hat, and my black O’bag.

We went to Turin. Here we were in the center.

It was on December 16th.

That morning we went to the Balon which is a flea market. We found so many things there such as vintage clothing and objects. It was so much overloaded with items I could not decide what to buy.

We went there walking since my friends lives quite near the center of Turin and because the city is pretty small compared to Rome. One can walk through all of it. I decided to wear my Canadian jacket which I only wear when it is really cold outside because this zone was one of the most freezing I have been to so far. Algid, arctic, Siberian Torino!!!

Talking about below zero I would like to say how much I love this jacket I am wearing. It is the attire which keeps me warmer between all the dresses I possess.It is puffy, black and one can wear it with practically anything. “I’m nicer when I like my jacket.”

What type of coat do you wear most during winter season?

Pink Winter Day

What a wonderful evening I have passed! I went out with two very nice girlfriends

In these pictures I am wearing a Gaudí pink jacket, Hollister jeans, Graceland boots and a black O’bag.

We went out together to eat dinner at the “American Burger”, well you can guess what we ate!

We went there on Saturday, December 9th.

I am so happy we met each other since it was quite a while we did not go out together and we had a fantastic time.

My friend came to get us at home with her luxurious pink Mini Cooper.

I enjoyed very much the jacket I wore, the fact it was puffy and of my signature color: pink.

A Hat is All You Need

My boyfriend. When I go out with him I always feel special and grateful for the wonderful gift this life gave me. When two soulmates meet incredible things happen. These picture were taken by him.

I was wearing a pink Effetti sweater dress, black H&M fuseaux, a black Intimissimi shirt, black boots, a hat and a black Effetti jacket. I usually use this jacket when I want to dress elegantly.

We went out to eat lunch at a beautiful place which sells mostly chicken. In one of our first dates, when we went out to speak about a new fashion collection we wanted to launch, we went to eat chicken at Galloway. Do you know the place? It is one of my favorite restaurant to go to. This time we did not go there but to a friend of his who is known especially for how he does chicken.

We went there this weekend December 2.

We wanted to spend some time together and decided to go and eat in some place we both enjoyed. We both like chicken so why not there?

He came to get me at home and we went together there.

I liked my look very much that day but what really changed everything was the hat. What do you think?

Stop Violence Against Women


Me, my girlfriend Ramona and other girls went out together.

I decided to wear a Victoria’s Secret red top, Prima Donna shoes, Calzedonia socks and black high-waisted pants.

We went in a very nice club in Rome, Italy.

The night was Saturday November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The premise of the day was to raise awareness of the fact that women around the world are subject of rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence; furthermore, one of the aims of the day was to highlight that the scale and true nature of the issue is often hidden.

We went to the club to dance Latin music like salsa and rumba and to say no to Violence against women. In fact, we were supposed to wear something red, that is the reason behind the choice of my red shirt. I think that women can be very fragile yet very strong. I like to think of us as beautiful and sensible human beings that can be happy. Too many women are mistreated. This must stop. It is not fair to be violent with people who can not defend themselves because physically less strong. It is a coward, mean and cheap act. It can sometimes be tough for women to walk heads up through the world, and I believe that our clothes can help us feel empowered all day. We should wear clothes that make us feel confident, not only that look gorgeous. What can make us feel more confident? For me high heels. They make me feel very feminine, tall and in charge, yet with my feet on the ground. I would like to use this post to thank all the wonderful women out there and to tell you girls: WE ARE BEAUTIFUL in every single way, never forget that.

We went there by car. My friend drove.

“A woman brought you into this world, so you have no right to direspect one” ~ Tupac Shakur