Let’s Go to the Cinema!

Went out for a beautiful Saturday night with great fiends! In these pictures I am wearing a black Effetti sweater, an Alessio Palma Design necklace, Prima Donna ankle boots and a beige Tezenis mini skirt. We went to the cinema to view a beautiful and wonderful film: The Shape of the Water. We went there […]

Seaside Fur

I and a couple of girlfriends went for a trip! In these pictures I am wearing a white Effetti sweater, a beige Apricot jacket, black Koan Accessories gloves and Ray Ban pink sunglasses. We went to the seaside and since my father has a boat we went there and of course decided to take pictures! […]

Snowy Rome

I went out with a girlfriend. Something incredible happened: it snowed, in Rome! In these pictures I am wearing a new purse which I bought recently: a Save My Bag geisha bag. It is so pretty, I love it! This all happened in Rome, Italy. We went out this week. I woke up, opened the […]

A Special Event

Brotherhood is a very special thing. I went out with my brother, we usually do not spend very much time together even thought we live in the same house. We had an occasion to go out together and it was wonderful. In these pictures I am wearing an H&M black suit and Prima Donna boots. […]

Girl In a Gatsby World

What a beautiful night we had! Me and other girls who I go to dance class with. We went to have dinner for carnival and I decided to dress up as a flapper girl, Charleston! In these pictures I am wearing Calzedonia tights and a black Bershka dress. We went to have dinner in a […]

Beautiful Bride

I went with a friend to a special event. It was summer spring 2018 bride collection. The picture here above is a dress by the stylist Molaro. He does sartorial pieces. It was held in Rome, Italy. The event took place during the month of January. The occasion was to show bride’s dresses. The focus […]

Snowy Afternoon

I went out with some wonderful friends. In these pictures I am wearing Tiger boots, black H&M leggings, a black Intimissimi shirt and a Hot Sexy Street by CLCI grey jumper. We were in Turin at a friend’s house. It was last weekend. It was a very cold day, in fact is snowed! I brought […]

Outfit Style !

Going out with best friends is always something magical. In these pictures I am wearing an H&M black skirt, black tights, an Initimissimi red shirt and a Melville black jacket. We went out to have dinner in a very nice place. It is where you can eat maxi burgers with chips. We had fun. We […]

You Can

I had a pleasant day out with wonderful friends. In these pictures I am wearing Miss Sixty jeans, Intimissimi black shirt, H&M pink sweater, and black Tiger boots. We went to Turin, in fact you can notice it by the snow. An art museum was our destination. Very beautiful and inspiring. It was last weekend. […]

Kimono She Did!

I went out with some really wonderful friends. In these photos I am wearing an H&M Kimono, a black dress, H&M tights, black Prima Donna ankle boots, a Prima Donna purse with flowers drawn over it and Alessio Palma design ring. Interior Design: Alessio Palma Design We went out to eat dinner in a place […]