A Hat is All You Need

My boyfriend. When I go out with him I always feel special and grateful for the wonderful gift this life gave me. When two soulmates meet incredible things happen. These picture were taken by him.

I was wearing a pink Effetti sweater dress, black H&M fuseaux, a black Intimissimi shirt, black boots, a hat and a black Effetti jacket. I usually use this jacket when I want to dress elegantly.

We went out to eat lunch at a beautiful place which sells mostly chicken. In one of our first dates, when we went out to speak about a new fashion collection we wanted to launch, we went to eat chicken at Galloway. Do you know the place? It is one of my favorite restaurant to go to. This time we did not go there but to a friend of his who is known especially for how he does chicken.

We went there this weekend December 2.

We wanted to spend some time together and decided to go and eat in some place we both enjoyed. We both like chicken so why not there?

He came to get me at home and we went together there.

I liked my look very much that day but what really changed everything was the hat. What do you think?


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