The Pink Panther

Pinky, whinky, pinky! Oh yes, pink, my favorite color of all! Since I was a child and played with Barbie, it has always been the one I was obsessed about.

In fact, as every autumn, I decided to wear a pink sweater, a pink O’bag, high boots, and the berret.

In these pictures I am at The Space cinema Parco de Medici which is one of the most famous cinemas in Rome, Italy.

I went there this weekend which was one of those cold November afternoons.

Me and my friend decided to go and see “Saw, The Legacy”. You know those really scary films in which if you want to save your life you need to play a game in which of course you will loose and die? Yes, exactly that type of film. It was really really really awesome I must say. I loved every second of it. In fact, I really enjoy scary movies since I was like 7 years old and used to watch horror films starring the Blair Witch with my best friend who was exactly my age. What to say? We definitely found each other and it was super great!

I live quite close to the cinema so we went there by car. This time a different friend from the one I used to watch scary movies with when I was very small. I drove.

Since I love pink I would say bye to you by saying: “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”. Bye girls, love you! If you happen to be in Rome and want to see a scary movie together or just go to the cinema, write me!!!


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