Dress to Kill

Hey beauties. In this post I will be talking about a wonderful fashion event I had the pleasure to attend. I decided to go to London last weekend for a fashion show. I went there from Rome alone but found a friend in London. She is a schoolmate of a very close pal of mine and we already met each other in Rome this summer; we went to the beach together. So, since che lives in London I decided to invite her to the occurrence as well.

We went to an Eventbrite show. At the occasion there were different bloggers, emerging fashion designers, models and catwalks. These pictures were made there and I am enthusiastic to be sharing them with you. I am wearing a Denny Rose dress and Calzedonia tights.

The encounter was held at the fabulous Kensington Roof Gardens. You should all go there to see this fantastic place. I suggest you girls to check it out. It has a wonderful atmosphere to take pictures and show them off on Instagram/Facebook lol.

We went there on Friday November 3rd at around 20:30.

Since I am a fashion blogger I decided to go there to see something new and to be able to talk about it here. I am a very curious person by nature and to see other people’s creativity exhibited is always a great opportunity for me. I love artistry in all its forms and being able to attend these gatherings is and will always be for me a great privilege.

My friend knows London quite well (she is living there since nine years now) therefore, we had no problems getting there.

“The Joy of dressing is an art.” – John Galliano once said, I would add to take pictures of them a happiness.

To shop the look email me at s.zippo@hotmail.com


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