Shop in the Name of Love

Shopping is a real medicine. You know that sensation that makes you happy as soon as you try on something new and you get out of the shop with it? It means something fresh and unique you can wear from now on. In fact, I went shopping with a friend of mine. I bought this […]

The Pink Panther

Pinky, whinky, pinky! Oh yes, pink, my favorite color of all! Since I was a child and played with Barbie, it has always been the one I was obsessed about. In fact, as every autumn, I decided to wear a pink sweater, a pink O’bag, high boots, and the berret. In these pictures I am […]

Dress to Kill

Hey beauties. In this post I will be talking about a wonderful fashion event I had the pleasure to attend. I decided to go to London last weekend for a fashion show. I went there from Rome alone but found a friend in London. She is a schoolmate of a very close pal of mine […]

Halloween For Everyone and for Kim!

What must be said must be certainly said girls! Even though I do not always Kim Kardashian’s appearance, I think her Halloween 2012 style was trendy. In the photo Kim Kardashian attends 2nd Annual Midori Green Halloween Party at Avenue on October 27, 2012 in New York City. I certainly think this look is amazing! […]