Dress Up!


As a girl I love sheath dresses. In order to look nice in every occasion and to be ready in a matter of seconds I decided to buy it. If there is a likable occurrence, elegant and formal or informal, in my opinion this type of dress can always make a statement.
The robe is blue. It’s REALLY nice; the picture doesn’t do the amazing color justice! The fact that it is short means it feels very luxurious. It is the type of clothing you just need to add a necklace for an elegant night and you’re all set; apparel, heels, necklace, go! Isn’t it just fab?! If I do say so myself…
I went out with some friends in a vegetarian restaurant at the centre of Rome.
We went to have dinner on a saturday night and I was wearing this wonderful attire. I felt so perfect all night long.
It was the first time I wore it with heels. When I tried it in the shop I was wearing sporty shoes. I put it on and I began to dream. Sincerely, I really think it is so chic and at the same time it looks perfect for whatever type of night. It is simple but it says something.
I hope you love it as much as I do – it would be lovely to hear what you think!


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