Addicted to Black

First photo – Costume jewelry Alessio Palma Design (


My name is Serena Zippo. I am 26 years old and I love tight dresses. Those outfits that make your body stand out. My mother – her adoration of beautiful things has definitely passed on to me.

In fact, here I go out with my tight shirt. I can wear it with whatever I want because it is black. It is a color that looks great with everything and it makes a statement. On my clothes wish list there is always something black and tight which of course is sexy! I AM SO HAPPY TO BE POSTING THESE PICTURES AT LAST!!! The reason is that it is how I usually go out these days. The weather in Rome in October is not the best in the sense that you do not know whether you can go out with a t-shirt or with something heavier. I really really hope you love as much as I do this color and the shirt.

In the second picture I was at a famous bar at the centre of Rome, Italy.

I took it two days ago while I was having breakfast.

To say I’m “excited” would be the mother of all understatements to show these photos. I took them during a beautiful sunny day and I am sure this black shirt would look super even with a skirt or some other type of pants!

“I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour” Wednesday Addams.


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