Denim is a Way of Life


A pair of jeans? Definitely a must! Astonishingly incredible! In my opinion they are comfortable and look fine with whatever type of look you want to have; sporty, posh, elegant or classic. It is possible to invent with jeans because it depends on the shoes and the shirt you wear them with.

Jeans are sophisticated and sporty. Depending on the shape, the texture and the decorations they have they can be very different and can amply adapt to specific styles.

I bought these jeans in Rome, Italy where i live.

I got them approximately 6 months ago.

I needed a pair of trousers and went in a shop and found these wonderful pair of jeans. As soon as I tried them I got the immediate sense they were what I was looking for. I went there with a friend and we both bought them. They looked very good on me and I was sure I could have worn them with whatever I wanted and feel fantastic.

“I want to die with my blue jeans on.” Andy Warhol.


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