Sweet Style


I like to go shopping every now and then. Ok, in reality I love to do it constantly as soon as I can! As always, I try to get the most feminine type of outfits in order to make my shapes more enhanced. Whenever I see a tight dress or something which I know is sexy I go on and try it. Most of the times it looks great, modestly!

So, I went shopping and found this sophisticated attire. I saw it already on other girls. However, it was not exactly like this one but tight and long the same. I was not extremely enthusiastic about the color, I would have preferred it maybe black or white but you know, it is notable the same! What I especially like about this robe is the rip, so hot!

I bought it in Rome, Italy at H&M. I personally think that this shop is impressive! It has so many things that do not cost too much so one can use his/her own imagination when deciding what to buy and wear. It has clothes for all sorts of tastes, bodies and ages.

I went shopping in June and bought this dress together with other things.

I needed to buy new clothing in order to go out and show off! Hahaha! Well, let us just say to go out and have fun with my wonderful friends and to be spicy for me and for them!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe.


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