Me, Happiness and The Sun

I am a girl who likes to dress feminine and make my body look more interesting thanks to a well-thought-out dress. I think that a good outfit can make your day better and your life more sophisticated, other than more interesting. No matter what, I think that caribbean decorations are the best, especially in summer periods. I have an obsession with tropical quirks – palm trees and pineapples.

In these pictures I am wearing a Calzedonia bathing suit. It is a bikini and I like the fact that it does not have epaulettes. It makes it sexier and more girlish.

The location of the photos is Sicily, Italy. What can I say about this place? It is worth visiting. From the food to the night life it is a very appealing and lively place. It offers a lot of cultural sorroundings.

These images were taken during the beginning of September. In fact, in Sicily one can go to the seaside up to October if not November. Since it is close to Africa it has a lot of its privileges.

I woke up that morning, looked outside my terrace and noticed the wonderful sun. The air was hot and there was practically no wind. In a matter of seconds I decided to put on my wonderful and seductive bikini!

Thanks to calzedonia life as we know it got a whole lot brighter.


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