Dress Up!

As a girl I love sheath dresses. In order to look nice in every occasion and to be ready in a matter of seconds I decided to buy it. If there is a likable occurrence, elegant and formal or informal, in my opinion this type of dress can always make a statement. The robe is […]

Addicted to Black

First photo – Costume jewelry Alessio Palma Design (www.alessiopalma.it)   My name is Serena Zippo. I am 26 years old and I love tight dresses. Those outfits that make your body stand out. My mother – her adoration of beautiful things has definitely passed on to me. In fact, here I go out with my […]

Denim is a Way of Life

A pair of jeans? Definitely a must! Astonishingly incredible! In my opinion they are comfortable and look fine with whatever type of look you want to have; sporty, posh, elegant or classic. It is possible to invent with jeans because it depends on the shoes and the shirt you wear them with. Jeans are sophisticated […]

Sweet Style

I like to go shopping every now and then. Ok, in reality I love to do it constantly as soon as I can! As always, I try to get the most feminine type of outfits in order to make my shapes more enhanced. Whenever I see a tight dress or something which I know is […]

Me, Happiness and The Sun

I am a girl who likes to dress feminine and make my body look more interesting thanks to a well-thought-out dress. I think that a good outfit can make your day better and your life more sophisticated, other than more interesting. No matter what, I think that caribbean decorations are the best, especially in summer […]