Bellissima – Italy’s High Fashion 1945-1968


I went to a very interesting fashion exhibition. I am a fashion blogger, therefore I appreciate in a particular way these kind of shows.

The exposition was about Italy’s high fashion of 1945-1968. In particular, “Bellissima” is a 1951 film directed by Luchino Visconti in which Anna Magnani starred in one of her most instense roles: she played the part of a mother who would stop at nothing to get her daughter to act in a movie made in Cinecittà. But “bellissima” is also a word that indicates female beauty around the world. It is the Italian way of life: a spectacular kaleidoscope of soft, relaxed, disorganized atmospheres, of sex and dolce far niente.

The exhibit was held in Rome, the capital of Italy. In specific it was taken at the MAXXI, the National Museum of the Arts of the XXI century.

The representation will be up till May 2015. I went there last week-end.

“Going to a show like this and having the opportunity to see experienced and gifted fashion designers display their work of art is something appealing. To see a dress made by Valentino for example is like seeing a piece. Exactly like a sculptor creates a statue, the stylist produces a dress.” Alessio Palma, Interior Designer.


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