Butterflies and Shopping


Here they are: sales! Obviously, I bought new clothes in this period especially for this reason. I chose classy and refined dresses; two blouses, one pink which I wore at a night-out with a very handsome guy, and the other one has some butterflies on it, kind of hippie-bohemian style.

I went shopping at Zara at Via del Corso, at the centre of Rome, Italy.

I went there one month ago on a Saturday afternoon.

Of course, I bought new clothes for the sales because they are cheaper now and I bought them to wear during spring. It was a great way to save money while buying great apparel.

I went working at my Dad’s office, therefore, I managed to get some money and happily spent a little bit of them on new attire.

Together with the blouse I bought a full length skirt in a cotton military green colour. I think I will wear them during spring. I am in love with hippie and bohemian style. They are a lifestyle other than a dress code. In particular, Bohemian refers to “gypsies”, “Bohemian” may also designate “a socially atypical person, especially one who is involved in the arts.” This is why I am in love with this style. Do you know the film Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman? Right, bohemian is the male protagonist. Very cool.

However, I am happy I bought these clothes and I can’t wait to go shopping again to buy something new, maybe at Tezenis, or some stockings at Goldenpoint or at Calzedonia. I do not know why but in this period I think that a skirt with stockings and boots is an excellent choice to go out with. I should buy something to go to the gym too and when it will happen I will post it on my blog so that all of you can comment on the choice and maybe buy something similar.

Sales are a great way to get new clothes without spending too much on them. Wow, sales are amazing!


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