New Shoes and Purse


Hey girls! I bought new shoes and I am super happy about it!

They are pink, obviously, and they are the so called in Italian “ballerina”. I got them in a shop in Rome where I usually go to with my mom, it is near my house, just 15 minutes car trip.

Me and my mom had the brilliant idea of going shopping last Saturday and that is when my days changed because instead of going around with the same black shoes I was with pink ones instead.

I got new shoes basically because my black ones were broken and so I had to buy new ones. I found the best ones I could ever find. Pink, my favorite color and very feminine. They look great with whatever type of clothing.

We were looking inside the shop for some shoes, there were nice ones but my mother noticed these ones. She called me and showed them to me and I Iiked them immediately. They were in different colors such as black, red and blue. I tried both the red, blue and the pink ones. At the end, I got the ones in pink and I bought a beautiful purse with them.

Hope you enjoy going shopping and getting some new ballerinas for spring! Everyone will look at you stunned! Have a lovely shopping girls!


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