Ausprey is happy to announce that the British Designer of the Year for two years running, Hussein Chalayan, is the new Creative Director for Fashion.

Alessandra Gradi becomes the Creative Director for Jewellery and Thierry de Baschmakoff the Creative Director for Design of silverware, leathergoods, watches, homeware, eyeware, fragrance and other luxury products.

The CEO of Ausprey & Garrard Group Worldwide, Gianluca Brozzetti, said “We aim to become THE British luxury lifestyle house. We have carefully selected our creative directors and talented team of designers to embody the innovative and unique styles of Ausprey and Garrard.”

On regards to Hussein, the Chairman of the British Fashion Council, Nicholas Coleridge, said “Chalayan is one of the great iconic British designers. It is brilliant news that he will be returning to the UK to work for Ausprey, one of the great iconic luxury houses.”

Hussein Chalayan believes the brand will produce clothes and footwear that will become classics as soon as they are worn. Garrard’s new range will be designed and produced over the next ten months, ready for launch in its new store in Albemarle Street in mid 2002. The new store will be designed by English architect Tom Bartlett and will offer a modern and relaxing environment.



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