Marianna’s Point of View on Fashion

When Marianna was two years old her parents moved to Rome. This is the city where she grew up. She is now 23 years old and works at Intimissimi, the famous Italian underwear shop. She has always been interested in fashion and has developed her own clothing style to wear on parties and on everyday life.

“What is the color you prefer dressing in and why?”
“I do not like to dress in a specific color, it depends on my mood. Usually I opt for different colors.”
“What type of clothing do you wear daily?”
“My day is composed of going to work and going to the gym. To go to work I usually wear tight blue jeans with a white blouse in order to stay professional but at the same time very feminine and cute. To go to the gym I wear leggings with gym nike shows and a tight shirt.”
“At night what do you like to wear?”
“At night I like to wear tight black short dresses with black stockings and boots. When I go out with my boyfriend is when I get the most creative. I put all sorts of clothes on such as colored shorts with nice shirts and I try different types of styles.”
“What designer do you like best and why?”
“I adore John Galliano. I think he is very original. He is amusing and is able to create the most classy and elegant dresses I have ever seen.”
“Do you prefer a sporty style rather than a classy one for everyday?”
“For everyday I usually opt for a sporty one. When I go out with friends I sometimes wear adidas tracksuits. I find them very particular.”
“What is your favorite fashion shop?”
“I adore Victoria’s Secret. Since there are none in Italy I shop via internet. I buy everything there starting from the underwear, bathing suits and then clothing and shoes.”
“Do you like to wear high heels? If so how high?”
“I adore high heels. I wear them of 7cm when I work and of 15cm with a plateau when I go out with my boyfriend and in clubs with friends.”
“Since you come from New York City what differences do you find between american type of clothing and the italian one?”
“I adore the hip hop look of american music artists and the street style. They are amazing. While what I love about Italian clothing is majorly the high fashion.”
“What made you decide to design clothes?”
“It’s just been something that I have always wanted to do. It is my passion. Especially I love women’s bodies and to dress them using my creativity.”
“Do you design for a particular body type or a particular kind of woman?”
“Everything that I design I would wear it myself, that is how I get the inspiration, I look in the mirror and decide what I would put on myself.
“Since you like high heels, would you design them?”
“Well, like most women I have a little obsession with high heels and handbags. I would love to.”


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