Slam Clothing

Slam Clothing

I worked at Island Paradise since I was small. It is a shop located in Rome which sells Slam sailing clothing. I have always had a lot of fun especially because there are a lot of famous people who come to the store. One of these is Kim Rossi Stuart, a very handsome Italian actor. I find him extremely sexy. He has done various films in which he made all the Italian women fall in love with him. An example is Romanzo Criminale. The picture above is one of the movie. It is an Italian-language film released in 2005 and directed by Michele Placido, a criminal drama. And let me say that in that film he reached the top of his attractiveness. The film is about an Italian criminal organization based in Rome, especially active throughout the late 1970s until the early 1990s. It was outstanding and won 15 awards.

Island Paradise is owned by my parents. Since I was small the clerks have changed. Today we are five. Firstly, there is Marina, a sporty blonde woman with blue eyes and short hair. She is a lovely person and whenever the boss does not see us we love to gossip together about the clients. Secondly, there is Piero who is a 50 year-old fisherman. He is a clerk and works in the fishing sector. Thirdly, there is Pierpaolo who is my cousin. He is a funny guy and up to my father he works very well. Last but not least, there is my older step-sister Pamela who is what people like to call a “boss-hater” or “star”. She is basically an unhappy person and sometimes destroys the positive energy created by teamwork due to her need to always be the best in every occasion. She tries to put people down in order for her to be up.

We have had various robberies in the shop. Once a man entered and started looking at the clothes. When he went out the alarm bell started to ring. We looked at him better and realized he had a Slam jacket on. As soon as we got that we asked him to take it off and hand it back in. We started laughing together.

Island Paradise is a shop made for everyone therefore the clients are a lot and they are varied. From the young person to the older man who enjoys fishing there are a lot of nice people. There are young guys who like to go rod fishing in the morning. There is the politician who enjoys life in the boat with friends and who likes to take his family out for a trip in the sea. There are handsome guys who like to go scuba diving. This, for example, is a very beautiful yet dangerous sport due to the fact that there are sharks. Furthermore, there are boats which can hurt the scuba diver because they do not see him swimming underwater. It is an adventurous sport and the ones who practice it are very masculine. They make you want to go to the shop even more.

One day a couple entered the store. They wanted to buy something. “I am looking for a shirt.” the guy said. “What color would you like it?” asks Marina. “I would like it in red.”. She took out some shirts and showed them to the couple. The girl liked the polo shirt better. He said smiling, “I would like my girlfriend to come to the seaside with me when I go fishing but she does not like it, she has other hobbies.” he says winking. “Yes it is true. I do not really like the smell of fish that I smell whenever you go fishing.” she answered laughing.
“I can say that Slam clothes are really prodigious. Last night I wore a pink Slam blouse. My niece Sara came near me and touched it with her little hand. She told me she liked it very much.” Marina said. Slam clothing is very classy and glamorous. There are a lot of women who come every day to the shop and buy something for their own use or just to make a present to a friend or family member. The usual clients are women who enjoy going to the seaside with their husband and children or who work at sea setting places like the harbor.

“I really feel that my co-workers are a second family to me. We spend time together at work and sometimes go out to dinner together. At times I buy Slam clothes for me and my family. They are really glamorous and look good for whatever occasion. They can be used on different events and always make the person wearing them look fabulous.” Marina.


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