Ukraine News

Yulia Tymoshenko accuses Russia of filthy tricks after broadcasting recordings in which she said that Russians should be eliminated.   Mrs.Tymoshenko said that a tape in which she used the term “wiping out” of President Vladimir Putin and the Russians is a montage.   She said that certain observations have been labored but confirms that […]

Slam Clothing

I worked at Island Paradise since I was small. It is a shop located in Rome which sells Slam sailing clothing. I have always had a lot of fun especially because there are a lot of famous people who come to the store. One of these is Kim Rossi Stuart, a very handsome Italian actor. […]

Victoria’s Secret

It is a pleasure for the eyes. Sexy and loose shirt worn over black leggings. It is a nice set of clothes to wear to go out and do sports or to have a walk with friends. Perfect to wear on a summer afternoon. The “angel” written at the forefront makes the entire outfit look […]