Fashion Meets Music at Camdem

Fashion Meets Music at Camdem

For all the lovers of music and the magic it creates there is a place which does for you!!

Fashion Meets Music at Camden High Street is where emerging designers have exposed their new creations. From street fashion to club culture there different prints and colors of clothes.

Gourgeous dresses inspired by music genres. They are made of various shapes and designs wich remind of top pop songs. It is a great opportunity to see the new ideas of some of the most excentric new designers in town.

There are shirts, jumpers, jasckets, trousers, skirts, dresses and accessories. All of them inspired by music genres such as caribbean and hip-hop. Ethnic and Caribbean clothes are the most colorful. They are all made in a summer type of light texture. An example is a short pareo style which blends at the front. Different color pattern but all  that remind of the Caribbean such as yellow, blue and green. The same goes for small jilets.

If you are looking for a dress to wear to get everyone amused at the club then this is surely the shop that does for you. Go and take a look. You will remain astonished.


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