A Blouse to Seduce….

Women, with Shirt!

What is more seductive than a blouse? It is a classic and it will never go out of fashion….different stylists have changed its style. Let us see how.

Majorly masculine style, but embellished by volant and bows.

Different stylists have it for their collections. Christian Dior used it as a chemisier, Victor&Rolf tops it up with studs, Nº1 garnishes the borders with precious pendants, for Valentino it is cheesy, tied with a lace and with a deep neck-opening, for Vionnet it has a masculine neck, you wear it all tied up and braids holds tight the waist. In fact, we are speaking about the shirt which will be used very much in summer/spring 2014. Volant, rouches choose the type of shirt which mostly suites you and then wear it as you want. It can be used with the tube skirt, you can match it with the tube skirt and shorts or wear them with naked breast. Masculine style but always sensual. Remember Angelina Jolie in the film which made her know Brad Pitt? Right, more or less like that.


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