Flowers and Jeans

I went out on a beautiful sunny day.

In these pictures I am wearing a black shirt bought in Cancún, Mexico and some H&M skinny jeans.

Here I am in the United Kingdom.

It was this weekend. Such a wonderful one indeed.

I decided to go out because I knew there was the sun and a hot weather.

I chose this outfit very simply because I know that almost anything looks good with black and jeans.

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.”


What a Wonderful Day

I decided to go out with some girlfriends.

In these pictures I am wearing a Desigual red dress.

We went to have a brunch at a Spanish restaurant and later we went to the theatre to watch a piece about El Flamenco!

We went there this Sunday.

On that day we wanted to do something interesting. We thought where should we go? I went on Facebook and looked at the section “things to do in the city” and I found the place where we had the brunch and the theatre movie.

We went there with the underground since we were afraid of traffic and about not finding a place where to park. I decided to wear my desigual dress because, of course, is there something more Spanish than this dress?

Liu • Jo

Me and one of my best friends went out.

In these pictures I am wearing a Miss Republic pink sweater and an Intimissimi black shirt under it.

We went to the inauguration of a Liu-Jo shop in Rome, Italy.

We went there last Saturday.

The intent was to buy something for her because she will have to stay at the hospital for a couple of days. It is nothing serious, just a little thing. We were going around to shop and found this fantastic commencement.

We were looking at it and then we decided to go inside and take some pictures. It was super nice and had so much fun together.

Say Yes to the Mini Skirt!

Had fun with some gorgeous friends!

In these pictures I am wearing a black and white H&M mini skirt.

We went to my house in the seaside. It is a wonderful place where I enjoy really much going and staying. It relaxes me and it is a really beautiful house too.

We went there this weekend.

I was not really sure how I would have dressed, however, I always think that a mini skirt is the solution for everything!

I have this white and black mini skirt, obviously it fits perfectly with other black clothes for example the sweater and the boots. With what would have you worn it with? Curious to know and to be inspired!

Let’s Go to the Cinema!

Went out for a beautiful Saturday night with great fiends!

In these pictures I am wearing a black Effetti sweater, an Alessio Palma Design necklace, Prima Donna ankle boots and a beige Tezenis mini skirt.

We went to the cinema to view a beautiful and wonderful film: The Shape of the Water.

We went there this Saturday.

My friend was telling me of this really beautiful film which was coming out and had several Oscar nominations and produced by Benicio del Toro. So I said yes!

I decided to wear this beautiful mini skirt. I am really in love with skirts or dresses and am really happy because I can feel spring coming so I will be able to wear these clothes even more! What do you girls think about Tezenis? Do you know it? Do you like it?

Seaside Fur

I and a couple of girlfriends went for a trip!

In these pictures I am wearing a white Effetti sweater, a beige Apricot jacket, black Koan Accessories gloves and Ray Ban pink sunglasses.

We went to the seaside and since my father has a boat we went there and of course decided to take pictures!

It was a Sunday afternoon and we had no idea what we really wanted to do. I said that I would have liked to go to the seaside and there we went.

We went there by car.

Do you like my coat? What is your favorite color for a jacket?

Snowy Rome

I went out with a girlfriend.

Something incredible happened: it snowed, in Rome! In these pictures I am wearing a new purse which I bought recently: a Save My Bag geisha bag. It is so pretty, I love it!

This all happened in Rome, Italy.

We went out this week.

I woke up, opened the window and there it was! The snow! I could not believe my eyes! One of the most beautiful views of my life! I have never seen so much snow in my city.

I called up a friend and decided to go out with her. It was unreal. We had the best day ever and took so many pictures and videos.

Do you girls like my purse? There were even other fantasies for example there was one with written “Mykonos” and had all Greek imaging. However, I preferred the geisha. What do you think?

A Special Event

Brotherhood is a very special thing. I went out with my brother, we usually do not spend very much time together even thought we live in the same house. We had an occasion to go out together and it was wonderful.

In these pictures I am wearing an H&M black suit and Prima Donna boots.

We went to the Ministero degli Affari Esteri in Rome where there was the reunion of my university: JCU.

It was a winter evening.

It was a fantastic occasion to celebrate my university and to meet people I do not see since quite a bit of time. It was the alumni reunion.

I decided to go there with my brother since there was the opportunity of bringing whoever I wanted. I chose him since he is still attending another university and is younger than me. I thought it would have been a great opportunity for him too.

What do you think of this suit? What else would you have worn? Curious of your ideas!

Girl In a Gatsby World

What a beautiful night we had! Me and other girls who I go to dance class with.

We went to have dinner for carnival and I decided to dress up as a flapper girl, Charleston! In these pictures I am wearing Calzedonia tights and a black Bershka dress.

We went to have dinner in a nice place. We ate buffet.

It was yesterday night.

I was so happy to celebrate carnival and have the opportunity to dress up! I love to change and for me occasions like Halloween or carnival are wonderful and hilarious! We had so much fun!

I had the costume from last year! In fact, I wanted to wear it then but at the end I did not go out so there was no opportunity. Thankfully, this year there was this fantastic dinner and I could be a flapper girl for one night! Lovely!

What did you dress up as? Please tell me. Already thinking of next year and have no real ideas, we’ll, maybe some 😉

Beautiful Bride

I went with a friend to a special event.

It was summer spring 2018 bride collection. The picture here above is a dress by the stylist Molaro. He does sartorial pieces.

It was held in Rome, Italy.

The event took place during the month of January.

The occasion was to show bride’s dresses. The focus was on new trends and new stylists’s ideas on dresses.

There were different stands of different brands. There was even a runway where models showed all the new wedding dresses.

“Every girl dreams of her wedding dress”