Dreamy Seaside

I love the beach so much!

In this picture I am wearing a pink Calzedonia bikini.

The location is stunning Santa Marinella in Italy and the photo was taken this summer 2020.

We went to Santa Marinella as we usually do during summer weekends. It is just so peaceful.

I have so many bikinis nowadays. I love to wear the newest ones I have. This one I bought this year.

“Living a bikini kinda life.”

Paradise Phuket

I went with some friends on a gorgeous trip!

In this picture I am wearing a Bershka dress, Primadonna shoes and a Chanel bag.

Here we are at the stunning Catch Beach Club in Phuket, Thailand.

This vacation was on November 2018.

I love to travel all over the globe. Those of you who follow me from some time know this. Thailand is a paradise destination so obviously has been in my wish list for all my life. Therefore, as soon as in Europe it gets cold, off I go to warm Asia!

This night we wanted to have dinner out somewhere nice and chose this breathtaking beach club. I highly highly highly recommend it to everyone. It is very posh, the ambience is super instagrammable, the food is super high quality and delicious and the music and people is party! I even found pizza. Being an Italian at heart I always look for this food even abroad. To my happy surprise they had it and it was delicious!

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.”

Rio de Janeiro Wondering

I went on a wonderful vacation together with some friends.

In this picture I am wearing a pair of Bershka jeans and a Tezenis top.

We went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on February 2020.

I personally love to travel. I mean, who doesn’t right? However, last year we went to Thailand. This year I wanted us to go to a completely different part of the globe and that is why we chose south America even because I’ve never been there before.

So during this day we visited Centro. It is a very touristy part of the city where one can find the Escadaria Selarón which is a set of world famous steps in Rio. The picture here above was taken there.

“Brazil is always a good idea.”

Life is Precious

I went to a wonderful place with lovely friends.

In this picture I am wearing a Calzedonia bikini.

We were in Santa Marinella in Italy a couple of weeks ago.

I like to have fun bathing suits. The ananas drawn on this one and the turquoise color makes it so cute.

We went for a couple of weeks at my house in Santa Marinella. We stayed there and made the most of the vacation!

“Life is short. Make every outfit count.”

Bella Italia

In this picture I am wearing a Calzedonia bikini. The sarong is Desigual.

This is the stunning beach of Santa Marinella in Italy.

The shooting was done yesterday.

I love to take pictures and this beach was just too beautiful and particular to not use it as a location.

I decided to wear this lovely bikini together with this sarong. The beauty of this piece is that you can wear it however you want to and always looks super feminine and glam.

“Sky above, sand below, peace within.”

Harbor Pearls

In this picture I am wearing a blue Tezenis dress, Primadonna sandals, Accessorize earrings and Yamamay lingerie.

The location of the first picture is the harbor of Rome and I went there on Sunday.

Me and a couple of friends wanted to go out for dinner and take a walk. Therefore, we chose to go close to the seaside.

It took us about half an hour ride from Rome.

“Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Pink Femininity

I went out with a lovely friend.

In this picture I am wearing a pink Yamamay dress.

We went to have breakfast in stunning Illy in Rome this morning.

During summer I always love to wear dresses. I wanted to wear a longer one this morning but the temperature was too warm.

We went out to eat with the car.

“No one is you that is your superpower”

Hello Kitty

I love summer even because e you can wear little clothes and still look super cute.

In this picture I am wearing a white Hello Kitty dress.

The location is my house at the seaside in Italy.

It was more or less a month ago.

This white dress is one of my favorites because it is white and super tight. Shows all the female curves.

Fashion Barbies

I and a very special friend of mine love to dress fancy when going out.

In this picture we are both wearing an H&M dress.

We went to have dinner in a fantastic restaurant in Rome, Italy.

The occasion was a month ago.

We usually go to the gym together. In fact, we do Zumba. Sometimes we go out as well after.

We have Zumba class at around 20 in the evening. We take a shower, dress up, make up and off we go to have girly fun!

“True friends are like diamonds bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style.”


I went on a trip with some friends.

In this picture I am wearing a flirty Calzedonia bikini.

The location is the stunning Santa Marinella seaside.

We went there last weekend.

I have a lot of bathing suits at home. I opted for this one because I think the butterfly makes it so cute, sexy and girly!

We went there from Rome by car.

Everything is fine when there is sunshine.”