Travel Barbie

What do you think about dressing in black? I am not really a fan however I do like my outfit in this picture.

I am wearing a black Calzedonia shirt, black H&M elegant trousers, Primadonna sandals, a black O’bag and a Carpisa trolley.

In this picture I am in Rome, Italy ready to leave for a different city. It is during summer time.

This is an outfit that can be worn as well in a formal event. Black is one of the most elegant colors. If the weather is colder one could even wear a lovely grey long coat on top of it. Would look really professional yet feminine.

“She wears black but she has the most colorful mind.”

An English Nightout

I went out with a fantastic friend.

In these pictures I am wearing a fabulous Denny Rose grey dress, Calzedonia tights, Chanel bag, Zara heels and Gucci fur jacket.

We went to the Kensington Roof Gardens in London during the month of September. It was a party. A fashion show.

I arrived there the same day with the plane from Rome, Italy. I went away a couple of days after which gave me the permission to visit some friends who were living there and visit London as well.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” ~ Edith Head


What do you think I dressed up for Halloween? A witch!

In this picture I am wearing a black Bershka dress, the hat I bought from a local games store, the boots are Deichmann and Calzedonia tights.

I went with some friends from bellydance to a restaurant near my house in Italy where there was also a dj and dance hall. All of this for Halloween.

I knew I wanted to dress up as a witch. I love to put on wigs so for this one I opted for a black one. For the rest the hat is an essential and to dress in black as well.

What dress did you choose for Halloween?

🇹🇭 is a Dream

In this picture I am wearing a black Calzedonia trikini and H&M shorts.

The location is Phuket during the month of November.

When I packed my suitcase before going to Thailand I looked at the weather forecast. Unfortunately, it showed rain everyday. That is when I realized that maybe November was not the best month to go to this wonderful country. That is why I chose to bring some trikinis as well, because I knew I could not get the tan I wanted. However, I was wrong. It was mostly sunny .

This black trikini looks amazing to go out at night as well. Just pair it with long skinny jeans and heels!

How would you pair it?

Phuket My Love

So, as you already know because I have told you already I love to travel to different places. Thailand has been one of my favorite so far!

In this pictures I am wearing a fantastic Victoria’s Secret dress with Primadonna shoes and a Chanel bag.

When we were in Kamala, Phuket and the period was around the end of November last year.

We were going out for dinner and I had to take a picture of my outfit! It looked too good!

That night we just walked through Kamala which is the area in Phuket where our hotel was. We found a nice Thai restaurant and we ate there.

What do you think about Victoria’s Secret dresses? Do you have a favorite one?


I think that travel is really something beautiful and it opens your mind. When you read quotes like “traveling is the only thing that if you buy it makes you richer” it is true. In fact going somewhere really different at least once a year is something that should be done by everyone. Everyone should give this gift to themselves. I truly believe that I am a very lucky girl. I can travel whenever I want especially thanks to my job: flight attendant.

In these pictures I am wearing a pink Calzedonia bikini.

The location is Phuket, Thailand. Truly a paradisiac place. I had really no idea but when I went there I understood. The culture is completely different. Their language is absolutely different. It is Asia, not Europe, not where I lived all my life. This does make a difference. The impact felt crazy, yet unbelievably beautiful and full of life. Here we were exactly at Amphoe Thai Mueang – Lam Kaen where I could admire Thailand’s uncontaminated nature.

We went there in November 2018. If I could suggest a better period to go would be January/February. It is Thailand’s proper summer and you do not risk to find rain.

I chose to wear this fantastic pink bikini because I think pink is always the perfect color. It is so feminine and delicate. In my opinion the color which most represent me.

We went to this beautiful place in the morning. It was an excursion organized near our hotel. The driver came and picked us up very early in the morning it must have been something like 7am. We came back to the hotel in Phuket at 17:00 more or less. It was a long day but we did so many things! I took so many pictures that day and I have so many memories which I am forever grateful for.

What is your favorite paradise destination? Let me know because I want to visit!



Good Hair, Good Mood, Good Day

I just love to have superb hair. That is why I try to go to the hairdresser the more often I can. At the moment I am personally into long hair. I just love the idea of how feminine they make you look and all of the elegant hairstyles you can invent. They make me feel like a princess.

In these pictures I am wearing a H&M top and pants. I think that cropped tops are so sexy and girly. I find that H&M has lovely ones that you can buy and they are also pretty cheap.

Here I am in Rome, Italy right outside my hairdresser.

These pictures were taken about a couple of weeks ago in fact here I am still wearing a summery top.

I do not know why but I just really really really like strapless tops. Especially now that the new trends are animalier aswell so that is why these prints.

I think this top looks really good with these black pants. However, one could put even other tops with these pants. Fashion quote

A Playful Evening

In love with games! Who else adores to play? I guess everyone!

In this picture am wearing a gorgeous and hot pink Primark top and Primadonna shoes.

I went in Rome, Italy at The Space

Cinema Parco de Medici. If anyone happens to be there it is a lovely place where there are lots of games, shops and even a wonderful and spacious cinema. This place is amazing for anyone who is looking for good time to spend with friends or a partner. Highly suggested!

Me and a couple of friends have been at this fun place a couple of saturdays ago.

What do you think about this pink top? I personally like it a lot especially because it is very tight and pink!

Do you think this top would look lovely with a black skirt and high boots aswell?

Fifty Shades of Jeans

My brother came to visit me!

In these pictures I am wearing a black Calzedonia shirt and Primark skinny jeans.

Me and my brother went to King’s Cross St Pancras. These pictures were taken in its underground. That day we went around London’s center. We went to Piccadilly Circus and we made a lot of shopping. If anyone goes to London for the first time I would highly suggest to go there.

These pictures were taken at the end of July 2019. If you think about how I am dressed you do understand that the weather was not super warm.

These Primark jeans are one of my favorites to be fair. They are skinny, they look lovely with whatever shirt or shoes and they even make you look sexy because they show your body’s shapes and curves.

One could also pair these jeans with a pink top and pink really high heels for a girls night out.

What do you think?

Sarong sing along! 🎤

I am the typical girl who extremely loves summer and the seaside.

In these pictures I am wearing a gorgeous, sexy and feminine Yamamay bikini and sarong.

Here I am in Italy in the wonderful Santa Marinella. If anyone happens to be there I definitely recommend it. The beach is not sandy but rocky. I sometimes prefer sand but at least you know that the water is extremely clean. People from all over the world come to visit its lovely seaside.

I was there in August.

I personally think that Italy, especially at the seaside, is an amazing place to go in vacation during summer that is why I chose it as a location for my trip even if it is my country.

I personally think that bikinis look great with a sarong especially if you need to go somewhere else like a bar or a place where it is better be a little bit more covered up.

What do you love to pair a bikini with?