Classy Red

In this picture I am wearing a red Zara jumper and Zara pants.

The location is the Hilton hotel in London and it was at the beginning of November.

I chose to dress with these pants because I wanted a smart look.

On top of these pants I was sure the red jumper would have looked amazing.

Do you think a colorful blouse would look good as well?

Quanto Sei Bella Roma

In this picture I am wearing a Desigual dress and Primadonna shoes.

I am in Rome, in Ponte Umberto I.

It was during this week of November 2020.

I think Rome is so beautiful therefore I decided to take pictures all around it.

For today there is Ponte Umberto I, who knows next time? 😉

Pink Mask Airplane

Yamamay mask, Olivia Cooper white jumper and Primark skinny jeans

Isn’t it nice to go to the airport?

Every time I go there I am fascinated. So many people going away, so many people going to different realities and in different parts of the globe.

I always loved airports since I was a really small girl. They are so inspiring. My father always used to bring me there because we used to travel together. As part of his job he used to bring me because I know how to speak English and obviously because I LOVED to go with him!

I love to travel and will spend all my life doing it this is for sure. I am so curious of different realities and different cultures!

“Live a life you will remember”

Sunday at the Mall

I went out with some great friends.

In this picture I am wearing a brand new Yamamay face mask, Primark jeans, Nike shoes, a white Bershka jacket and an O’Bag.

We went to Parco Leonardo mall in Rome this Sunday.

We wanted to go out to have lunch together and some shopping. We found that the mall was an awesome place to go especially because it was a sunny weather as well.

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then walked outside to some shops.

“Happiness is a sunny day”

Apple Rice Recipe

I really go crazy for this type of rice! I made it for dinner yesterday! Here below I will tell you the recipe!

The ingredients are the following (4 servings) : •1 cup of rice •1 apple •balsamic vinegar •1 teaspoon of salt •1 teaspoon of Refined Oil •1 carrot •10 bean •1 small onion •50 grams cashews

To prepare the rice, peel off the skin of carrot and cut it into pieces. Then chop onion and beans finely.

Soak rice in water (see the packet for timing). Then set aside.

On a separate pan heat the apple, cashews and 2 cups of water. Cover with a lid and cook.

Add the apples to the cooked rice. Leave some cooked apples for later.

Make the plates. Add some apples and balsamic vinegar et voilá!

Sunday in Nature

Me and a lovely friend of mine spent the day together.

Giardini di Villa Borghese

In these pictures I am wearing a Nini Street Boutique floral top, Primark jeans and Nike shoes.

We went to Villa Borghese this Sunday.

Fried pizza with mortadella, burrata and pistachios at Camillo B in Rome

Me and my friend decided to go out in Rome for the whole day. So we went to the most gorgeous places.

Tiramisù at Camillo B in Rome

With the car we went to Trastevere. From there we started walking around Rome center. Trevi fountain, Palazzaccio, we went to eat at Camillo B. Later on we went to Villa Borghese, Sephora and La Rinascente.

Giardini di Villa Borghese
La Rinascente
Federico Fashion hairstylist at La Rinascente

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Pink Beach!

I went to the seaside with a wonderful friend.

In this picture I am wearing a Calzedonia bikini.

Here we are at the beach of Santa Severa in Italy. It was this summer.

I just love pink. I can not help it. Every time I see a pink bathing suit or a shirt I can not wait to buy it!

We went to the beach by car from Rome.

“Self love is first love.”

Seaside Fashion

I went with some friends to the seaside.

In this picture I am wearing a Calzedonia bikini.

The coast is Santa Marinella in Italy and the photo was taken this summer.

This bathing suit is not super new but it is so cute I could not not wear it!

We went to the beach with the car from Rome.

“Living a bikini kinda life.”

Dreamy Seaside

I love the beach so much!

In this picture I am wearing a pink Calzedonia bikini.

The location is stunning Santa Marinella in Italy and the photo was taken this summer 2020.

We went to Santa Marinella as we usually do during summer weekends. It is just so peaceful.

I have so many bikinis nowadays. I love to wear the newest ones I have. This one I bought this year.

“Living a bikini kinda life.”