Oman, Such a Wonderful Place

In this picture I am wearing a Calzedonia bikini.

I went with a great friend of mine to Muscat in Oman! In the morning we went to the fantastic swimming pool of our hotel.

It was during this winter.

Since I am a flight attendant I obviously travel a lot. In fact, here I had a layover in this lovely and warm country. We definitely made good use of our time there.

In the morning we had breakfast at the fantastic continental one offered by the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool to get some tan before our flight later in the night! Such a good time!

“Grateful for where I’m at, excited about where I’m going.”

Little Black Dress

I personally love to dress in a fancy way for a night out.

In this picture I am wearing a Topshop dress, Calzedonia tights and Primadonna ankle boots.

I dressed like this to go out on a very Roman evening. We went in the center of the Italian capital and visited some incredible monuments such as the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Trevi Fountain.

It was a wonderful winter night right after Christmas.

I think this black dress looks well for an elegant soirée but can also work for a casual one. You can pair it with heels as well as comfort shoes.

“Women who wear black lead colorful lives”.

Spa Night

I went to the spa with a couple of very good friends of mine.

In these pictures I am wearing a Calzedonia trikini.

We went to the QC Terme of Rome Fiumicino. It is a place I highly recommend to go for a relaxing afternoon at the thermal baths with whoever is in your heart.

We went there last weekend and it was super cold outside.

Since I was on leave from work we decided to spend an afternoon together but to do something that is really relaxing both for me and for them as well. Thermal baths is always a good idea to recharge your batteries.

I think that a trikini is a very comfortable and ideal bathing suit to go to these places. A lot of people wear bikinis but I find that since there was no sun to get tanned that a trikini was perfect!

What is a relaxing afternoon for you?

Happy New Year!

I love everything that is fashionable.

In these pictures I am wearing a Chiara Ferragni collection for Yamamay top, Calzedonia silver fuseaux, Pandora Disney Sleeping Beauty bracelet, Accessorise choker and Primadonna ankle boots.

We went to Santa Marinella in Italy. We lit up the fire in the house so that it would be really warm and went out for dinner to a very chic place.

This was the night of New Year’s Eve.

I went to shop some clothes for New Year’s Eve obviously. I was fascinated by Chiara Ferragni and her Yamamay collection that is why I bought this fantastic top and since it is very fancy I decided to wear it for an important night out.

I paired the top with these silver fuseaux because I think that these make the outfit look more particular and electrical!

Happy New Year to all of you! Would love to know what was your outfit!


Christmas Seaside

I went out with some friends.

In these pictures I am wearing a black Intimissimi shirt, black Zara trousers, black Deichmann boots and a Parfois purse.

We went to the castle of Santa Severa in Italy. This was the 26th of December which in Italy is called “Santo Stefano”.

I usually don’t wear black during the day because I prefer a splash of color. However, since it is winter I do like to wear dark colors sometimes.

I decided to wear a really petite purse. I feel that with this outfit a little handbag looks better.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” – Coco Chanel

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

I went out with a wonderful friend.

In these pictures I am wearing a gorgeous Liu Jo sweater.

We went around Rome, Italy during autumn.

We wanted to go out together. We both live in London however we are both Italian. This is the reason why we decided to go around Rome.

I decided to wear this sweater because I am really into animalier print.

“My favorite color is leopard”

Winter Wonderland ❄️

I love Christmas season so much!

In these pictures I am wearing an Apricot fur jacket. The location is Rome.

I wanted to wear one of my various jackets I have at home in my wardrobe. It was ages I did not wear this one and the minute I put it one I had this magical feeling and I felt super good.

I went out with a friend that morning to do some Christmas shopping!

“Christmas loading…”

This is a Wonderful Life

Here in this picture there is me and my brother and I am wearing a very feminine and cute Calzedonia dress.

We were in Phuket, Thailand during the month of November.

We decided to go around Phuket and booked an excursion. This meant we would have seen elephants, monkeys and the nature all around Thailand. It was incredible! I highly suggest it to everyone!

We went away from our hotel early in the morning with the excursion group. The first place we went was to see the elephants and take a ride on them (see first picture). We then went to see the natural landscape and the monkeys.

“I want to make memories all over the world.”

Impossible is Nothing

I think, especially now that it is winter season here in Europe, it is important to invest in a good and high quality jacket.

In this picture I am wearing a black and fucsia Adidas one.

Here I am in Rome, Italy. Even though Italy is in the south of Europe during winter it still gets really cold!

I always loved pink and fucsia was my favorite color for all my adolescence. Therefore why not buy a fucsia Adidas jacket!

I wear this coat with all my sporty outfits and with jeans as well.

What is your favorite type of coat? Which color?

Traveling Through Asia

I am a girl who always loves to travel especially overseas.

In these pictures I am wearing some gorgeous and sexy Miss Sixty jeans and a marvelous and elegant Yamamay gold top.

We are in Thailand during November period.

We usually went out during the night and went out for dinner as well. This gold top looks really amazing with tanned skin so obviously during summer is always an excellent choice.

We usually had dinner near where our hotel was. Only once we went to have dinner is a very posh restaurant which I will share the pictures with you very soon.

“You are gold baby, solid gold”