Bikini Phuket

I am a flight attendant. The beauty of my job is that I can travel, a lot.

In these pictures I am wearing a Calzedonia brown trikini under an Effetti black mini skirt.

Here I was in Phuket, Thailand in November 2018.

What is really fascinating about warm weather is that all you really need is a bikini and something to cover yourself if you are going to a bar or the city. Nothing more. Really simple and beautiful.

I am lucky because I have various trikini which I will show you in other blog posts. Trikinis are marvelous because they can be a mixture between a baithing suit and a shirt in the sense that you can wear them as a top aswell!

“If it requires a bikini, my answer is yes.”


Phi Phi Island “The Beach”

I’ve been in this wonderful paradise.

In these pictures I am wearing a Calzedonia bikini.

The location is Phi Phi Island in Thailand and I have been there in November 2018.

This island is where the movie “The Beach” was filmed which starred Leonardo di Caprio, my teenage crush. I had to go there and swim in those waters!

We went there with a boat together with tour guides from Phuket! What a wonderful experience.

What has been your best vacation so far?

Fashion Travel

I have always been a girls who loves traveling. I have studied in international schools since I was very small and always wanted to live abroad. In fact, I decided to travel and go to a wonderful place.

In these pictures I am wearing black H&M leggings, a black Intimissimi shirt, a pink H&M scarf, white glittery converse and a Save my Bag purse

I was at the airport of Rome in Italy because I was about to go on vacation on a fantastic place: Thailand!

We went there for 10 days in November.

It is months I was thinking about where to go on vacation in November. I was searching for a place in which there were at least 30 degrees. Thailand was the answer. Most specifically we went to Phuket because I wanted to go to Phi Phi Island which is where “The Beach” was filmed with Leonardo Di Caprio!

I decided to wear comfortable clothes because I knew it would have been a really long journey on the plane. We had a stop of four hours in Beijing before reaching Phuket.

Where would you like to go on vacation?

Violet Craziness

Today I decided to wear a purple Bershka shirt and over it another purple H&M sweater.

I went to have breakfast at Starbucks in London.

I was pretty hungry this morning so I thought which other better place than Starbucks?

I decided to wear purple because I think it is a really pretty color.

What do you think?

Fall Fashion

I went out shopping.

In these pictures I am wearing a pink H&M jumper. Look at how particular the ruffles on the sleeves are. Really adorable and pink. Miss Sixty jeans and Prima Donna shoes.

I went shopping in the UK during this weekend.

I decided to wear this fabulous jumper because it looks really pretty with jeans. Don’t you agree?

Maybe it would look good even over a black dress and some flats or heels.

These Boots are Made for Walking

I went with some girlfriends to a very fun event.

In these pictures I am wearing an H&M sweater and skirt and Calzedonia tights.

We went to the theatre to watch Sister Act some time ago.

We wanted to do an all girls night. One of my friends loves to go to the theatre, me as well. So we went to see this beautiful show.

We went there with my friends car, managed to grab something to eat at a wonderful place near the theatre and had a lovely evening together.

“Life is a party dress like it.” Audrey Hepburn.

Me Love Jeans

Who of you likes to wear tight and girly outfits? I should definitely raise my hand to this one. My name is Serena for those ones of you who do not know it. I have always loved to dress feminine for all my life. I like dresses which show the feminine shape of the body.

In these pictures I am wearing a really tight Miss Sixty top with simple H&M jeans. The shoes are Adidas. It can seam like a banal type of dressing up but in reality I felt really superb and sexy wearing it.

I went to this place to eat dressed like this. Next to my house this lovely place opened; it’s called ‘America Graffiti’. It is a restaurant in which you can eat all sorts of american food from hamburger to pancakes. Just an awesome place.

I went there last weekend.

If you don’t know what to wear on a casual yet chic dinner out opt for jeans and top! You’ll always look fabulous

It’s sunny outside

In these pictures I am wearing a stunning Yamamay dress.

I was at the seaside in Italy during a fabulous summer mid morning.

Underneath I am wearing a beige bikini so this dress looks really good on it.

Whenever you feel like you would like to buy a dress for yourself or even a present for someone go to a Yamamay shop; they always have something pretty for you to buy and you will leave an impression wherever you will go.

Do you like dresses on bikinis or you prefer shorts and shirt?

Last Bikini Days

I love summer so much. This bikini is one of my favorites. It is a Miss Bikini one.

These pictures were taken in Italy, during the beautiful Italian summer.

I decided to wear this bikini because I love black ones. Even if I am not a huge fan of black shirts or dresses, apart from evening time cocktails, I do adore black baiting suits.

I went to the seaside with my family and had the most wonderful day just going to the beach and enjoying their splendid company.

“Bikinis are like fries – you can’t just have one”

Sunny Beach

In these pictures I am wearing a stunning Calzedonia bikini.

I was at the wonderful seaside of Italy during this summer 2018.

I decided to wear this bikini because I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that it has these ruffles on it and it makes it more tropical in my opinion. Just adoring it so much!

“Live life in a bikini”.