I went out with some friends.

In this picture I am wearing a Desigual sarong as a shirt, a Calzedonia bikini and H&M jeans.

We went to Santa Marinella which is a fantastic seaside place in Latium this Sunday.

I found these wonderful flowers hanging in front of a beautiful house. Of course I chose it for setting of the shooting!

I was not sure which shirt I wanted to wear. I then decided that I would use the sarong folding it in a particular way as a top! It turned out to be something amazing which looks super cool, feminine and tropical as well!

“Finding paradise wherever I go.”

Breakfast Outside

I went to have breakfast with a good friend of mine.

In this picture I am wearing a Miss Sixty top.

This morning we went to have the first meal of the day at a bar in Rome, next to my house.

I chose to put on this shirt because it was quite warm outside and I personally find it really sexy.

We usually change every morning the bar we are going to go to. There are really several around my house so we always have a huge choice.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Sunny Morning

I love the sun!

In these pictures I am wearing a white H&M top, a Yamamay skirt and Primadonna ballerinas.

Here I was at the Ostia harbor in Rome during summer.

I love hot weather because I can dress exactly as I adore to and that is light clothes.

We went to the port by car.

“Girls just wanna have sun.”


I love pink!

In this picture I am wearing a Yamamay bikini.

I went with some girlfriends to a spa in Fiuggi a couple of months ago.

It was a trip organized by my bellydance group to practice some hip shakes and as an excuse we even went to thermal baths.

We arrived to Fiuggi by car and I brought with me various baiting suits to go to the sauna with.

“Don’t forget to pamper yourself.”

Home Gym

I am a girl who always loves to stay fit.

In this picture I am wearing a H&M top and fuseaux.

Since we are all locked inside our houses I decided to move a little bit and do some exercises inside my home.

I trained a couple of weeks ago.

I personally love a very feminine body therefore I prefer not to lift weights or anything like that. I do like some gentle yoga though. That is what I did in fact.

I put on some soft music and did some yoga poses to relax my mind, body and soul.

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.” -Buddha

Birthday Girl!

In this picture I am wearing a marvelous Yamamay top and a Swarovski ring.

The photo was taken inside my house in Rome two days ago on April 20.

I celebrated my thirtieth birthday!

I honored my day together with my mom, dad and brother. Such a fantastic dinner party we had!

“A little bit older and a lot more fabulous”

Sexy Night

In this picture I am wearing a Yamamay nightie and Primadonna heels.

I am in my house in Rome and it was taken a week ago.

I wanted to take some fun pictures for Easter, that is why I decided to put on some fancy clothes!

I thought pink would do! So pink nightie and heels!

“Self love baby self love”

My Beauty Routine

I begin my beauty routine with The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash.

I then continue with the toner. I gently pad it on my face.

Last but definitely not least I use the Collistar Deep Hydrating cream. I put it on my neck as well.

Take care of yourselves women. Take care=love.

J’Adore Jeans!

I went to a trip with my belly dance group.

In this picture I am wearing an Intimissimi shirt and some Miss Sixty jeans.

Here we are at Fiuggi in a wonderful spa hotel.

It was a weekend in March.

I am a real fan of Miss Sixty jeans. They are always super feminine and sexy and that is why I love them so deeply.

I paired these jeans with this lovely Intimissimi shirt which is so tight and sexy too!

“Jeans and high heels”

Ananas Beach

In this picture I am wearing a Calzedonia bikini.

We went to the beach on a sunny day.

As soon as I saw this swimsuit at Calzedonia store I immediately decided I wanted to buy it. It has a little bit of leopard print that I adore and the ananas that I find so tropical and sexy.

The bathing costume top has different ways in which you can put it. You can put the latches even further down on your waist to make it even sexier.

“Friends don’t let friends wear basic bikinis.”