Me Love Jeans

Who of you likes to wear tight and girly outfits? I should definitely raise my hand to this one. My name is Serena for those ones of you who do not know it. I have always loved to dress feminine for all my life. I like dresses which show the feminine shape of the body.

In these pictures I am wearing a really tight Miss Sixty top with simple H&M jeans. The shoes are Adidas. It can seam like a banal type of dressing up but in reality I felt really superb and sexy wearing it.

I went to this place to eat dressed like this. Next to my house this lovely place opened; it’s called ‘America Graffiti’. It is a restaurant in which you can eat all sorts of american food from hamburger to pancakes. Just an awesome place.

I went there last weekend.

If you don’t know what to wear on a casual yet chic dinner out opt for jeans and top! You’ll always look fabulous


It’s sunny outside

In these pictures I am wearing a stunning Yamamay dress.

I was at the seaside in Italy during a fabulous summer mid morning.

Underneath I am wearing a beige bikini so this dress looks really good on it.

Whenever you feel like you would like to buy a dress for yourself or even a present for someone go to a Yamamay shop; they always have something pretty for you to buy and you will leave an impression wherever you will go.

Do you like dresses on bikinis or you prefer shorts and shirt?

Last Bikini Days

I love summer so much. This bikini is one of my favorites. It is a Miss Bikini one.

These pictures were taken in Italy, during the beautiful Italian summer.

I decided to wear this bikini because I love black ones. Even if I am not a huge fan of black shirts or dresses, apart from evening time cocktails, I do adore black baiting suits.

I went to the seaside with my family and had the most wonderful day just going to the beach and enjoying their splendid company.

“Bikinis are like fries – you can’t just have one”

Sunny Beach

In these pictures I am wearing a stunning Calzedonia bikini.

I was at the wonderful seaside of Italy during this summer 2018.

I decided to wear this bikini because I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that it has these ruffles on it and it makes it more tropical in my opinion. Just adoring it so much!

“Live life in a bikini”.

Pink Folding Fan

In these pictures I am wearing H&M shorts, Miss Sixty top, Prima Donna shoes and a pink folding fan.

I went in a beautiful park since the weather was really nice on a Sunday summer afternoon.

Since it was really hot I decided to wear shorts and a top. I added the folding fan because it is chic and useful as well!

“Keep it chic.”

Flowers and Jeans

I went out on a beautiful sunny day.

In these pictures I am wearing a black shirt bought in Cancún, Mexico and some H&M skinny jeans.

Here I am in the United Kingdom.

It was this weekend. Such a wonderful one indeed.

I decided to go out because I knew there was the sun and a hot weather.

I chose this outfit very simply because I know that almost anything looks good with black and jeans.

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.”

What a Wonderful Day

I decided to go out with some girlfriends.

In these pictures I am wearing a Desigual red dress.

We went to have a brunch at a Spanish restaurant and later we went to the theatre to watch a piece about El Flamenco!

We went there this Sunday.

On that day we wanted to do something interesting. We thought where should we go? I went on Facebook and looked at the section “things to do in the city” and I found the place where we had the brunch and the theatre movie.

We went there with the underground since we were afraid of traffic and about not finding a place where to park. I decided to wear my desigual dress because, of course, is there something more Spanish than this dress?

Liu • Jo

Me and one of my best friends went out.

In these pictures I am wearing a Miss Republic pink sweater and an Intimissimi black shirt under it.

We went to the inauguration of a Liu-Jo shop in Rome, Italy.

We went there last Saturday.

The intent was to buy something for her because she will have to stay at the hospital for a couple of days. It is nothing serious, just a little thing. We were going around to shop and found this fantastic commencement.

We were looking at it and then we decided to go inside and take some pictures. It was super nice and had so much fun together.

Say Yes to the Mini Skirt!

Had fun with some gorgeous friends!

In these pictures I am wearing a black and white H&M mini skirt.

We went to my house in the seaside. It is a wonderful place where I enjoy really much going and staying. It relaxes me and it is a really beautiful house too.

We went there this weekend.

I was not really sure how I would have dressed, however, I always think that a mini skirt is the solution for everything!

I have this white and black mini skirt, obviously it fits perfectly with other black clothes for example the sweater and the boots. With what would have you worn it with? Curious to know and to be inspired!

Let’s Go to the Cinema!

Went out for a beautiful Saturday night with great fiends!

In these pictures I am wearing a black Effetti sweater, an Alessio Palma Design necklace, Prima Donna ankle boots and a beige Tezenis mini skirt.

We went to the cinema to view a beautiful and wonderful film: The Shape of the Water.

We went there this Saturday.

My friend was telling me of this really beautiful film which was coming out and had several Oscar nominations and produced by Benicio del Toro. So I said yes!

I decided to wear this beautiful mini skirt. I am really in love with skirts or dresses and am really happy because I can feel spring coming so I will be able to wear these clothes even more! What do you girls think about Tezenis? Do you know it? Do you like it?